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Lever Turns 11

“These go to 11…”

At a networking event last year, I was discussing longevity with some business owners.  I mentioned that 2016 marked Lever Interactive’s 10-year anniversary.  Someone in the group said, “Only 10% of companies make it to the 10-year mark.”  Wow, I thought… not too bad.  But then my immediate thought after that was how many make it to 11?

I have always had an affinity towards the number 11.  I’ve played soccer all of my life, and ever since I can remember, I was always number 11.  I can distinctly remember signing my first travel team roster and selecting 11 as my number.  I remember thinking as a kid that the number 11 is better than the number 1 because it’s two number 1s. In fact, I celebrated my 4th 11th birthday this past April.

Now, as Lever Interactive enters our 11th year, we are going to spend the last 11 months of 2017 looking at the last 11 years and what the next 11 will hold.  From the humble beginnings (“Hey Honey, it’s cool if we use the guest bedroom as Lever HQ, right?”), to helping many nationally recognized brands reach and surpass their marketing objectives, we are excited to share our story.  We hope this reflection will provide insight to who Lever Interactive is, what we have become, and where we are going.

As much as this may be a look back, we also view this as the beginning of the next phase for Lever Interactive.  There is a lot to share (and some fun surprises to come), so make sure you are following us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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