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Evergreen Content

SEO101: Evergreen Content

What is Evergreen Content?

Like an evergreen tree is, well, evergreen, so too is content on your site that does not go stale with time. Evergreen content comes in the form of topics and content that maintain relevancy outside of seasonality or time as it passes.

Take, for example, a glossary of definitions or acronyms specific to your product or service, which help your customers and others understand the meaning of these terms. These bits of information are a perfect example of rich content that searchers may find of value and that you likely possess. 

Another form of evergreen, SEO-friendly content you may own is FAQs. Not only are these useful for people asking questions related to your business, but search engines also look for sites that provide FAQs to answer questions for which people search. FAQs also offer an opportunity for site owners to offer structured data around content.

Question and answer page mark-up standardizes the information your site provides so that search engines can quickly identify and return this information within search results. Other forms of evergreen content include product reviews, recipes, instruction tutorials and reference guides.

Why is evergreen content a must-have part of your SEO strategy?

For starters, this content compliments your existing product and services content with related information that brings value and provides opportunities to increase interlinking throughout your website supporting the basics of SEO.

Also, by providing this content, you increase your odds of becoming a timeless resource that other sites link to for reference, increasing backlinks and authority to your site.

Have you ever heard of a boxer that didn’t throw jabs? Over time, those jabs count. And that’s precisely how SEO works. Momentum builds as you compliment your main topics with useful pieces on related subtopics that are just as focused and useful, but not only revolving around your central theme, product, or service.

Like a 12-round boxing match, SEO is more of a marathon than a sprint. It varies from paid search in that you can’t get immediate results. However, with persistent, evergreen SEO efforts, your payback will begin to snowball into an ever-growing source of traffic.

How to Plan & Create Evergreen Content

First off, your company may already have this. Look for information resources that you or your team may have access to but simply haven’t published to the web. Again, these may come in the form of guides, answers to questions, or definitions. Oftentimes, this information may be inaccessible to the visitors of your site or not optimized for search (not structured or provided in an SEO-friendly format).

After considering what you already have and optimizing it, you can look to questions that are being asked about your product but are not being addressed currently on your website. Once you have a list of questions, you can research keyword volumes within Google’s Keyword Planner. 

After selecting a topic, you can also better understand related questions using tools like AnswerThePublic and AlsoAsked. For example, if you are selling and writing about lawnmowers, by entering “lawnmowers” into these sites, you will see a return diagram of who, what, where, how, etc., questions people are asking. Coupling this information with search volume from Google Keyword Planner, you can quickly identify targeted subjects and related Q&A to provide queries within an optimized FAQ library related to your product or service.

evergreen seo content

Also, consider providing your content in multiple formats (video, audio, images, etc.). When searchers ask questions through Google and Bing, they often prefer step-by-step instructions that you can deliver in a more user-friendly manner through video and other forms of content. A picture is worth a thousand words, and video is exponentially better.

Finally, evergreen content planning should stretch well past your core pages or topics to include useful information that extends the full reach of information of interest to your target audience. Surround your products or services with valuable expert content that compliments it, draws interest, links, and more eyeballs to your site, which in the end brings you more business. 

If your team is interested in getting assistance with your evergreen SEO initiatives, you can reach out to us at sales@leverinteractive.com; we’re more than happy to help you with your SEO and digital marketing needs.


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