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Amber Hodges - Media Director

Employee Spotlight: Amber Hodges

Lever Interactive Promotes Amber Hodges to Media Director

When I first started at Lever Interactive, six years ago, as an entry level associate, I had little knowledge of digital marketing. With a background in sales and office management, the one chapter in my marketing textbook was not helpful! I did, however, have the Excel skills to manage a budget, though I would have never expected this journey to lead me to become Lever Interactive’s newest Media Director.

The team environment and strong leadership support at Lever Interactive has allowed me to grow professionally and increase my passion for my craft. Our leadership practices an open-door policy paired with open and honest communication, which allows our agency to work through solutions to move the needle in a positive direction.

Looking back on my time at Lever, not only have I grown, but our agency has grown. I am proud to be a member of a determined, ever-changing environment, and have been an active part of our growth. In our work, we continue to strive to be a high-performance agency. The bar is always set higher than the week, quarter, or year before. It’s great to meet a client’s original goal but even better to exceed a stretch goal meant to go above and beyond expectations and ultimately our move client’s businesses forward. To meet these standards, we continue to keep our technology fresh, set new best practices, and develop a top multi-channel strategy for each client.

Working closely on data analysis and implementation throughout the years, I am excited to start my new role to help lead a different agency experience.

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