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Google Ads Auto Applied Recommendations


Auto Applied Recommendations applies personalized Google Ads recommendations to your accounts from a select list at the right time – so you never miss an opportunity to reach potential customers. It improves your clients’ optimization scores and campaign performance while reducing your manual tasks so you can focus on complex and strategic issues facing your clients’ businesses.

Source: Google Case Study

The Challenge

Lever Interactive sought account efficiencies for the 500+ accounts tied to eXmark dealerships, a provider of residential mowers and lawn equipment. Given the large volume of individual dealer accounts, time spent on individual audits or account health checks became inefficient at scale.

The Approach

In May of 2020, Lever Interactive enrolled 571 of the eXmark dealer accounts into Auto Applied Recommendations (AAR). “Our team decided to opt in to AAR in an effort to improve the optimization score. We also wanted to see if it would generate increased performance for the individual dealers.”

Google Auto Applied Recommendations
The Results

After 3 months of utilizing AAR, eXmark dealers reported a 102% increase in conversions across their dealer accounts, at a 31% more efficient CPC and a 32% lower CPA. Lever Interactive increased their optimization score by 19% and saved 47 hours in manual optimization time. “As a result of opting in to AAR, we were able to concentrate on a more holistic, strategic approach with integration into the national eXmark brand strategy.”

Next Steps

Lever Interactive is increasing their enrollment in AAR for eXmark dealers and enrolling more accounts across their portfolio into AAR.

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