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Lever Interactive Valerie Guglielmi

Employee Spotlight: Valerie Guglielmi

Lever Interactive Promotes Valerie Guglielmi to Senior Account Manager

Hey, Val here—writing to you from the comfort of my make-shift home office as I’m sure many of you can relate to. It’s mind-boggling to think we’ve been navigating this WFH life for almost a year now, and I’m incredibly lucky to have gone through this experience as a member of the Lever Interactive family.  

I first joined the Lever team in the fall of 2019 as an Account Manager, at which time my colleagues (aka work best friends) and I quickly bonded over our shared love of dogs, studying journalism in college (MIZ!), and being fans of Schitt’s Creek. Fast forward through quarantine—well at least a chunk of it—and I’ve found myself not-so-humbly bragging about my recent promotion to Senior Account Manager!  

During a time that many may be looking back on as a blur, I feel extremely fortunate to have been (virtually) surrounded by a dynamic group that has supported and guided me to reach this milestone in my career. Working for a company that offers such growth opportunities and sets you up with the resources for success was pivotal in this achievement. On a professional level, I view my promotion as a reflection of the energy and dedication I put into my job every day. Personally, it reassures me how a positive attitude, the ability to find the silver lining in any situation, and eagerness to problem solve don’t go unnoticed. As cheesy as it sounds, I strive to put the Val in Valuable over here folks. ???? 

The individuals that make up the Lever team have played a huge role in supporting my professional development. There’s always something more to learn from each other, someone to challenge your thought process or add to your solution. And our mutual desire to drive success for our clients is not something you’ll find just anywhere. I truly believe the deep-seeded level of care each team member has for the work we do is a huge component of what sets us apart from other agencies—a reason you get A Different Agency Experience, if you will.  

Not only am I grateful for the relationships I’ve strengthened with my team, but also for the new relationships I’ve formed directly with clients. It goes beyond being an extension of your marketing department. Rather it’s much better defined as a deep integration and enhancement to your team as we work toward the same goals. It’s also really important to me to establish connections with my clients that go beyond our strategy decks, budgets and KPIs. I’m thinking about the people behind the email. The faces behind the name. I want to know something that made you laugh over the weekend just as much as I want to dig into the details of the next project we’re tackling. Because at the end of the day, we’re all people seeking balance, right? It’s a “your success is my success” mentality that keeps me motivated to deliver big results, to be your high-performance partner and take it to the next level—all while staying up-to-date on the adorably dorky thing your dog is doing in the background while we’re on a video chat of course.  

We all know that digital marketing is an ever-changing world as Google algorithms update, technology evolves, and consumer behaviors shift. With all these facets constantly evolving, it can be a challenge for any agency to not only keep up with the flow of information, but to also ensure they are positioned to stay ahead of the curve. But again, with high-performance at the core of who we are as a company, Lever Interactive is fully loaded to move your business forward.

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