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Getting Shoppers with Abandoned Carts to Convert During the 2019 Holiday Season

As we enter the final months of 2019, marketers are ramping up their advertising efforts in preparation for another busy holiday season. Great effort is put into getting shoppers to click on particular products. Yet year after year, holiday shoppers place items into their online shopping carts without ever making the final purchase. How can marketers get these shoppers with abandoned carts to convert this holiday season? Here are four tips and tricks to capitalize on these potential consumers and to exceed your 2019 holiday expectations.

Tip #1: Utilize remarketing strategies

Remarketing is an effective strategy for targeting shoppers that didn’t end up converting. This process involves serving advertisements and content to those who have already interacted with your brand. This interaction could be a past visit to your website, a previous click on one of your ads, or even if someone is constantly searching for what your brand has to offer.

For example, if a shopper had previously placed a pair of your blue running shoes into their cart, but closed out of the website or didn’t end up making a purchase, then as a brand, you can re-market to them by serving them ads with those exact blue running shoes.

Remarketing can also lead to overall increases in conversions because you are directing potential consumers back to your website, where they are now more likely to convert and make a purchase on items that they have already seen.

Tip #2: Create specific audience lists

A subcomponent of a strong remarketing strategy is to have custom audience lists built out. This will make it much easier for your brand to retarget to potential consumers. You can create custom audience lists based off several different characteristics, such as past converters, site or page visitors, current subscribers to an email list, and even abandoned cart shoppers! As soon as a shopper places an item into their shopping cart, they are tagged and entered in an audience list of those who have also added an item to their cart.

Having prepared audience lists, like abandoned cart shoppers, will make it much simpler for both you and your brand to begin the remarketing process.

Tip #3: Apply Urgency Messaging to Your Remarketing Ads

Another tip that has proven to be successful during the holiday season is the use of urgency messaging centered around your marketing. Urgency messaging stresses the importance of buying now and informs shoppers to act before it’s too late. Often, shoppers will see urgency messaging in the form of ad copy that reads, “Last Chance! Order Today to Receive by Christmas”, or “Holiday Sale ends in 2 days!”

Using urgency messaging can be very effective and ultimately lead to an increase in traffic and more overall conversions. If a shopper had previously placed an item in their cart and then abandoned it, use urgency messaging to let them know that they still have items waiting for them in their cart. This type of messaging can draw them back to the website to complete their purchase.

If your brand’s products have a designated shipping cutoff date, then be sure to use urgency messaging to let shoppers know about this. Inform them on shipping expectations and urge them to buy in time so that they can receive their gifts before the holidays.

Tip #4: The Importance of Holiday Promotions

When shopping for holiday gifts online, shoppers are always on the lookout for the best deals. Whether that be in the form of a coupon, mark-down price or a discount, individuals are expecting there to be promotions during the holiday season. Enticing the consumer with a unique deal or promotion can get them to come back, spend, and use the promotion that was offered to them.

For individuals with abandoned shopping carts, serving them with a specific promotion that is customized and tied to the exact item that they had originally placed in their shopping cart can be greatly effective. Since these customers are already interested in the product, brands can get shoppers re-engaged and stay top of mind by offering them additional promotions through the process of remarketing. Promotions can make consumers more likely to buy your brand over competitors, and make brands stand out if what they’re offering is of true value to the consumer. Understanding these four simple tips will help your brand get those abandoned cart shoppers to come back and convert on your website.

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