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David Sutton - Vice President

Employee Spotlight: David Sutton

Lever Interactive Promotes David Sutton to Vice President

Lever Interactive is pleased to announce the promotion of David Sutton to Vice President. David has been with the agency for over six years working in various media and client services position before joining the executive team in 2019. During his tenure, David has helped redefine what it means to provide A Different Agency Experience.

David has brought a different lens to the services we offer and has been an instrumental player in driving new opportunities for clients and the business alike. David has been an influential leader within the organization and shows exemplary commitment to the success of his teams.

Most recently, as part of the executive team, David has helped streamline the process of business development, internal operations, and marketing efforts, while remaining at the forefront of unpacking new digital opportunities for both current clients and prospects. David has also led efforts to increase security protocols surrounding client data and helped enhance our services by building a best-in-class tech suite.

“David’s keen eye for detail, passion for organizational improvement and long history with the company has allowed him to see many opportunities for improvement and growth, and he has been a great steward of the organization,” says Chris Gilmartin, CEO.

In his new role, David will continue to raise the standards of agency operations and continue to ensure all departments are providing A Different Agency Experience for our clients and internal teams.

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