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Google Algorithm Update

Google Gifts Algorithmic Update In Time for the Holidays

Growing List of Google Gifts?

A name or two left on your holiday shopping list is nothing to sweat over; you still have time. But when procrastination strikes and the list is still a mile long…and growing? Happy Hectic Holidays!

Google announced it is conducting a “core update” to its search engine results page (SERP) algorithm on November 17. As a topical analogy, consider each of these Google updates as another name to check off on your shopping list. Left unchecked, the number of gifts you need to buy will pile up, making it impossible to complete by the holidays. Similarly, left unchecked, these tiny changes made by Google can and will carve out a significant amount of joy from your holiday season.


Wrapping Up Past Algorithmic Updates

Updates are a regular occurrence designed to improve Google’s ability to present consumers with the most relevant and authoritative results. In the aftermath of a broad core update, fluctuation occurs on multiple levels. Variations for keyword ranking, individual pages, and overall domain authority are often side effects of a Google algorithmic update.

We’ve highlighted the implications of Google refining its mysterious algorithm before, most notably when the search behemoth made massive changes at the beginning of 2020 and again in the current year. In each case, Lever Interactive successfully navigated our clients through the changes, realigning the critical components of SEO to maximize organic search traffic.


Spoiling the SERP Surprises

Perhaps this is the one acceptable time to figure out what’s inside your present. It’s not exactly like Google is keeping the alterations in a vault. There are three main changes that Google intends to implement in the next round of updates: desktop-centric Core Web Vitals, title links, and continuous scrolling.

Core Web Vitals

Google’s concerted effort to place mobile user experience front and center promptly took center stage in August 2021. Page experience signals such as load time, interactivity, and visual stability became critical components in how Google sorted and ranked domains and individual pages. Additionally, securing a site’s connection and removing interstitials came to the forefront as opportunities to get in Google’s good graces. All of this was conducted strictly for mobile search queries. Now, Google is back to implement these changes for desktop users.

With 2022 knocking on the door, Google plans to roll out near-identical changes based on desktop user experience. The lone exception is mobile-friendliness, which is not applicable. The installation of these new parameters will begin in February 2022 and finish in late March.

Title Links

Initially a summer update, Google received feedback regarding its changes to the formatting of title links.

Title links are the hyperlinked text displays on Google’s SERPs, which use title elements produced by a site’s webmaster roughly 87% of the time.

The other 13% of the time, Google’s algorithm would format information to account for missing, incomplete, or irrelevant information in the title elements. Google has addressed the issues raised by the Help community and altered the presentation of title links to better correlate with what webmasters intended.

Continuous Scrolling

Mobile users now can scroll continuously through search results, with Google hoping to improve user experience on mobile devices. The changes are affecting only certain regions. Google cautions website owners of a potential increase in impression, which may correlate with a click-through rate decline.


Tying It All Together

Incremental changes to Google’s algorithm will eventually lead to long-term impacts on your company’s website. With a proactive approach in mind, Lever Interactive’s SEO team is making the following recommendations.

Most importantly, revisit core web vitals from a mobile and desktop perspective, ensuring the implementation of technical SEO best practices.

Secondarily, ensure that you are providing the best content you possibly can. Focusing on building copy around thoroughly researched keywords and curating original information are just two tactics that will elevate authority and visibility. As Google puts it:

  • Does the content provide original information, reporting, research or analysis?
  • Does the content provide a substantial, complete or comprehensive description of the topic?


Putting a Bow on 2022 Core Updates

As a Premier Google Partner, Lever Interactive stays informed and ahead of updates like these, and leverages our dedicated Google support team to strategically navigate these changes to the benefit of our clients. Lever’s SEO team will closely monitor the effects of this core update on our clientele’s standing with Google, and re-optimization efforts and diligent evaluation of existing assets will address shifts in rankings. Lever is also well-equipped to execute original content development to perform a comprehensive SEO service line, maximizing our clientele’s organic search traffic and conversions.

Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller provides more details around the November 2021 update for the full release of changes. For a robust, customizable SEO and Content strategy for your business, contact us at sales@leverinteractive.com to get started with Lever Interactive today.

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