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The online search experience is becoming much more visually driven. Google appears to be leading this change by shifting their focus towards the use of more visually driven ad formats. Their own internal research team has found that images not only help customers to understand the message more clearly, but they also result in more users deciding to take action.  

What Are Google Image Extensions? 

Google image extensions give online advertisers the ability to upload rich and relevant images to pair with an advertiser’s existing paid search ads. With compelling visuals of products and services that enhance the message of an advertiser’s text ad, image extensions can help to drive better overall performance.

It’s important to note that image extensions are currently only being offered on mobile devices, and they are not guaranteed to be shown with every impression. 

Why Should You Consider Using Image Extensions?

It is best practice to use as many applicable extensions that you can for paid search campaigns. Extensions provide the searcher with additional and relevant information that ultimately can lead to improved campaign performance. Depending on the position of the ad on the SERP, ad extensions can also provide the benefit of taking up more ad space on the page. This in turn pushes your competitors’ ads further down the page. 

What’s also great about this extension type is that images can be easily added to existing search efforts in no time. Previously, the only way that an advertiser was able to get images on the Google SERP pages was through Google Product Listings such as Shopping Ads. However, unlike shopping ads, price does not need to be included in the images or ad copy. This is a selling point as some businesses may not be as willing to share pricing details in their advertising efforts as others. 

Initial Learnings 

Through the implementation of the image ad extensions, early results have shown over a 115% increase in click-through rate when the image ad extensions are paired with the text ad in the SERP, compared to when the image ad extension is not paired with the text ad. This finding indicates to us that the image ad extensions are providing an extra level of engagement with prospective users, that is not typically seen with the normal text ads.  

If your brand is looking to increase click-through rate and drive more engagement from your paid search efforts, then image ad extensions are the way to go.

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