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TopDevelopers.co Leading SEO Company

Lever Interactive believes that technical factors are the foundation of any SEO program. Technical issues can have an outsized impact on organic performance, as well as on user behavior and conversions across all marketing channels. We are pleased to be recognized as a Top SEO Company by TopDevelopers.co, and enthusiastically agree that, “SEO today requires a far more technical and logical approach for its effective implementation.”

One of our approaches for new clients is a full-site audit and review, and we always uncover interesting issues. In one audit, we discovered an astonishing 30,000+ redirects, which was negatively impacting the site’s crawl budget. As we traced which pages the redirects were coming from, we discovered the issue was a site redesign a few years earlier had missed a large section of the site, leaving an older menu structure intact and creating the vast majority of redirects. Fixing the menus would fix both the redirects and resolve issues with how completely search engine spiders could crawl the site.

We’ve been laser focused on our clients’ page speed since at least 2015. We’ve taken them through the easy tasks, like compression and minifying, removing unused scripts, and optimizing images. When one of our clients remained hobbled by long load times, we identified repeated requests through the secure socket layer as an issue and made recommendations that included migrating the site to HTTP2 protocol. The switch to HTTP2 significantly reduced delays caused by the security handshake.

For other clients who were unable to switch to HTTP2, we identified benchmark speeds for Time to First Byte and First Contentful Paint for them to work toward. As their scores on these metrics came down, their rankings and site traffic improved.

Another issue that we work with all clients on is mobile performance, including layout and UX issues caused by programming. We often find that responsive sites have issues with content that’s too large for the container, because the container size hasn’t been specified, and tap targets that are too small. As clients resolve these issues, their landing page experience improves, leading to lower bounce rates and increased conversions.

Our focus on technical issues puts our clients in a strong position as Google gears up for their 2021 UX algorithm update. We have quickly identified issues that cause Cumulative Layout Shift on our clients’ mobile sites and are emphasizing the need to fix them before the update.

Lever Interactive’s SEO team is just nerdy enough to enjoy finding technical issues with a site, but not so nerdy that we don’t know how to talk about these issues like regular people.

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